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The "CLASSIC 13" by: Victory Kayaks

The "Classic 13" offers simplicity and performance in a versatle design.  Ideal for a wide range of conditions from calm, protected waters and mild river currents. It's perfect for the paddler looking for a kayak that retains excellent performance and tracking ability.

This solo recreational model kayak features include adjustable seat, rear storage hatch, shock cord deck rigging, adjustable foot braces, and Kayak Karrier handles.


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Seda Swift

The SWIFT is a fully equipped mid size sea kayak. Its’ size is mid way between a long, narrow, fast sea kayak and a small, compact, maneuverable one. The SWIFT offers plenty of directional stability and good speed under almost all conditions. It has a beautiful, swept-up bow on a fast modern low wetted surface hull.

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The composite GYPSY was such a hit with paddlers that SEDA invested in an aluminum casting to be able to roto-mold an inexpensive plastic version. In contrast to most of their competitors, SEDA uses cross-linked polyethylene. Weight is one of the negative aspects of plastic sea kayak construction. By using cross-linked polyethylene SEDA is able to mold GYPSY lighter than most plastic sea kayaks on the market. Many competitors’ kayaks are made of cheaper, linear polyethylene. This requires a thicker, and therefore heavier, shell to avoid fatigue and possible rupture or splitting. With cross-linked polyethylene a lighter hull can be created that is exceptionally tough, rigid and abusable.

The "VENTURE" by: Victory Kayaks

The "VENTURE" is a versatile light touring kayak that is well-mannered, stable and predictable. Ideal for a wide range of conditions from calm, protected waters, mild river currents and moderate ocean swells. If you're looking for the best possible value in an entry level touring kayak, this one should end up at the top of your list. The Ventures cockpit will accommodate almost any size paddlers and is an excellent platform for photography.

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Seda Viking

The VIKING is a sea kayak with a real pedigree. It has been manufactured continuously since 1980 with upgrades and improvements as needed to keep it state of the art. There are thousands of satisfied paddlers using these boats on waters throughout the world. SEDA continuously receives statements over the phone or through the mail telling them how much paddlers still enjoy their VIKING. The modifications SEDA has made on this boat have been derived from suggestions made by the many expeditionary paddlers who have used the VIKING on long distance trips or in severe conditions.

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