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Seda Swift
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The SWIFT is a fully equipped mid size sea kayak. Its’ size is mid way between a long, narrow, fast sea kayak and a small, compact, maneuverable one. The SWIFT offers plenty of directional stability and good speed under almost all conditions. It has a beautiful, swept-up bow on a fast modern low wetted surface hull.

Kayak swift

 The handling of the 17-foot SWIFT is easy, even for a beginner because it has excellent initial stability and good secondary stability. The low profile of the fore and aft deck means less disturbance when paddling through choppy water.



Standard Fiberglass 

55 lbs

Deluxe Fiberglass 

47 lbs

Kevlar Lightweight 

39 lbs

Standard features in all construction types include a molded seat with comfortable, adjustable backrest, and adjustable foot rests; bow and stern bulkhead and elliptical bow and stern hatches with neoprene and overlaying fiberglass covers. Other welcome items are the bow and deck lashing kits with countersunk eye-straps and toggle portage carrying handles. An optional rudder system is also available for those planning to do rough water paddling.

The SWIFT, as its name suggests, is a fast, easy to paddle, kayak. It can be used for afternoon exercise or as an expedition boat. It is equally at home on a lake, river or ocean - a truly outstanding craft for beginners or experts alike. The SWIFT has become SEDA’s best selling sea touring kayak because of it's design appeal and its broad spectrum of applications.

Deck Colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Teal

Hull Colors: White (Natural Kevlar for Lightweight Models Only)