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Wilderness Systems Kayak Types
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Wilderness Systems has a kayak that is perfect for you and the sort of paddling you want to do. To help you find the best boat for your needs, they have divided their diverse line of boats into seven categories based on the role the boat was designed to fill.

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While we maintain a selection of various models and colors we do not have every possible combination in stock, We are happy to special order any model or color and we pay the trucking charges on special orders!



Touring kayaks are designed with the paddler who wants to camp and cover distance in mind, offering the performance needed to paddle through the most demanding conditions. They are single-paddler kayaks whose long hulls offer superior tracking and ample storage space for camping gear and provisions. Touring kayaks have enclosed cockpits and are ideal for use on the ocean and open water.

Light Touring

The light touring kayak is designed for day tripping, weekend camping or more casual paddling. They are typically shorter than a full touring boat, which enhances maneuverability. Light touring boats have enclosed cockpits and are great for use on lakes, slow-moving rivers, and even protected open water.

Tandem Touring

The same features of a touring kayak, but designed for two paddlers. They offer the largest carrying capacity of any kayak and are well suited to paddling on open water.


Recreational kayaks are ideal for the casual paddler. They are extremely stable and easy to handle, offer roomy cockpits for quick entry and exit and are available in single and tandem models. They are ideal for paddling on lakes, slow-moving rivers and protected coastal waters.


Sit-on-top kayaks have become tremendously popular in recent years. Unlike other types of kayaks, where the paddler sits inside the hull, a sit-on-top has the cockpit recessed into the top deck so the paddler just (you guessed it!) sits on top of the kayak. Beyond this common feature, our sit-on-tops are a diverse lot. You can find a sit-on-top that performs like a touring kayak, or like a recreational boat , for a single paddler or for two. Because of their open cockpits, sit-on-tops are well suited to warm-weather paddling.


We took our experience with sit-on-top kayaks and our love of extreme paddling and created a boat that's ready to find that perfect wave.


Our most popular recreational and sit-on-top kayaks are available in special sporting editions - perfect for fishing, hunting, bird-watching and more.