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Since 1973, the VAGABOND has been SEDA’s most versatile general purpose touring kayak. In 1978, before specialized sea-touring kayaks became commonplace, celebrated adventurer Ed Gillet paddled a SEDA VAGABOND 600 miles on the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe to La Paz in 23 days.

 Seda Kayak Vagabond

SEDA has recently modified this boat to be even more suitable for open water. It can still be used well in rivers but the addition of a shallow V the whole length of the hull has improved it's tracking ability. The bow and stern are sharper for better straight-ahead speed. The deck has been cleaned up to appeal to modern tastes.



 Standard Fiberglass

 45 lbs 

 Deluxe Fiberglass

 36 lbs 


 29 lbs 

Overall, the new improved VAGABOND will be appreciated by those who want to try just about everything kayaking has to offer: rivers, lakes, bays, even ocean surf. It is a light, compact compromise between whitewater and long distance cruising.

An excellent boat just to get out on the water to exercise. While a longer kayak would have a higher maximum speed potential, this is only the case at maximum levels of paddling effort. It often surprises paddlers to learn that a shorter efficient kayak like the VAGABOND will require less effort to paddle than most longer "faster" kayaks when paddled at a sustainable, cruising speed of 4 Knots,. A stable, friendly kayak. Although the VAGABOND provides beginners with an excellent and affordable kayak, The VAGABOND is often selected by more experienced paddlers because of its’ versatility.

The VAGABOND comes equipped with a large comfortable molded seat with adjustable foot and backrest. A rudder can be installed on the VAGABOND but only as a factory installed option.

Deck Colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Teal, Gray

Hull Colors: White (Natural Kevlar for Lightweight Models Only)