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Here is a list of some of our favorite kayaks. All of the kayaks can be used by the beginner kayaker all the way the novice kayaker. When selecting a kayak be sure to go with comfort and fit your body to the kayaks body for the best kayaking experience.



Yak Board, 8’ Great for surf, kids & fun

Frenzy, 9’ Light, compact & versatile

Scrambler XT, 12’ Stable & versatile     

Drifter, 13 ft., Full features for big & tall folks  

Scupper Pro TW, 15’ Performance w/ tankwell

Malibu Two, 12’ Stable tandem (or single)

Malibu Two – XL, 13.4’ tandem with a bit more!

Aegean, Tandem, 14' X 32", 69 pounds

Venus, 9'10", 34 pounds

Sprinter, 17' X 21", 50 pounds

Mars, 13' 5", 49 pounds

SEDA Composite Sea-Touring Kayaks

Viking, Fiberglass, 16' Expedition model

Swift, Fiberglass , 17', Efficient Touring        

Glider, Fiberglass, 19' + rudder, VERY FAST !

Wilderness Systems  (& VICTORY KAYAKS)

Pungo Classic, 12’ Deluxe recreational kayak

Classic 12 by “Victory,”A Basic Pungo          

BLAST 9’ by "Victory Kayaks" , stable compact kayak, 41 lbs., formerly sold as the Wilderness Systems Critter

Pamlico XL, 16’ Tandem recreational kayak


Duo, 13' X 35", 66 lbs., Tandem


Sun Kon Tiki Thor, Recreational tandem

Kon Tiki Ra, Tandem touring with rudder   

Sun Kon Tiki  Rudder only for Sun Kayaks