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The Tango by SEDA
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The TANGO went into development in 1988, as the demand for double kayaks began to surge. Commercial outfitters favor SEDA tandems because of their stability, speed, durability and cargo carrying capacity (650 Lbs. for the TANGO!) The prototype was extensively tested in the Sea of Cortez in a variety of wind and wave conditions to determine the proper positioning of the seats. In double kayaks seat position is of critical importance. SEDA spaced the seats just far enough apart for superb control and steering capability, and also to avoid the likelihood of the paddling partners striking paddles when not synchronized. For these reasons the TANGO was designed to be 21 feet long and the seats were positioned in thirds of the length.

 Tango Kayak

This cockpit spacing provided SEDA with another advantage, a compartment was created in the center area with a unique double bulkhead and a 16 X 12" hatch for storage of heavy gear for amidships ballast. There is also a 22 X 12" oval hatch in the stern for larger items, and a 16 X 10" oval hatch in the bow. Unlike some manufacturers that put excessively large hatches in their kayaks, SEDA avoids designing unnecessarily large hatches that can become hazardous in high wind and sea conditions.



Standard Fiberglass 

 95 lbs

Deluxe Fiberglass 

 85 lbs

Kevlar Lightweight 

 76 lbs


Other standard features are molded seats with adjustable backrests; adjustable footrests; deck-lashing kits; and sturdy toggle handles for carrying and tying the bow and stern. TANGO is SEDA’s only kayak that is offered with a rudder as standard equipment. The rudder on the TANGO has an extra-large size blade to make keeping "her" on-course a simple affair.

TANGO, with its sleek hull and continuous V bottom design has proven to be very fast and seaworthy. Continuous wins and the numerous records it has set in sea kayak races all over the United States have best demonstrated the TANGO’s speed. The TANGO's seaworthiness was rigorously tested in 1989 when two days of raging wind and storms combined against a 3.6 knot incoming tide to raise standing waves up to 8 feet high. The San Francisco to Alcatraz Island race made national headlines that year, with the Coast Guard rescuing many of the contestants. Both TANGO and our single place, GLIDER, came through unscathed to win! In October 1990, during the same 15 mile Alcatraz Island Regatta, TANGO established a new overall course record for any paddle-craft.

Join your partner in a TANGO and you’ll be dancing on the deep blue sea!

Deck Colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and Teal

Hull Colors: White (Natural Kevlar for Lightweight Models Only)