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Review and Testing the Gypsy from SEDA
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"Review and Testing" report reprinted with permission from the Fall 1994 issue of SEA KAYAKER magazine:

"The GYPSY'S nice lines impressed all the reviewers. The paddlers considered the cockpit roomy and easy to enter and exit. The padded knee and thigh braces provide a secure fit. The GYPSY'S seat was judged very comfortable. All the paddlers liked that the adjustable, padded back band allowed them to stretch onto the back deck.


Whitewater-style foot braces were considered sturdy, reliable and easy to adjust. Although the kayak can be fitted with the common Feathercraft rudder, all the reviewers agreed that, given the test conditions they experienced, the GYPSY did not need one.

The GYPSY was praised for its solid initial stability and good secondary stability. Very progressive secondary stability. A nice balance between stability and agility." The paddlers agreed the GYPSY is lively and responsive for a stable kayak.

All the reviewers reported that the GYPSY tracked well with little tendency to yaw. None of the reviewers noted a weather helm. "Accelerates easily" and "cruises along with little effort." Paddlers indicated that they could hold a cruising speed at 4 knots, and when equipped with a knot-meter, was able to sprint at 6.2 knots. The GYPSY offers a dry ride even in moderate front quartering waves. "No deck or bow features threw spray."

The GYPSY was lauded as an excellent surf boat by the reviewers. "Highly maneuverable on the face of a wave. Resistant to pearling and very predictable. Responds well to leaning for control of broaching." "Easy to control." " The GYPSY may not be as long but it does provide good space. None of the paddlers reported unusual leakage through the hatches and the stern bulkhead was watertight in all of the test boats.

It is easy to relax in this boat - a kayak for a small to medium sized paddler who enjoys nosing around the reefs. a great boat for a beginner but the predictable handling will keep the expert smiling. I usually find a boat as wide as this one to be sluggish. That was definitely not the case. A good choice for playing around in the surf." "A very good value."

We trust that the above reprint is adequate testimony to the features and handling characteristics of this exceptional boat.