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The Kelty Battery Holder is an accessory item to hold your radio batteries.
The Suunto Battery Kit includes a standard battery and cover that is compatible with the Suunto Advizor, Suunto Vector, Suunto Regatta, Suunto Altimax, Suunto Mariner, Suunto Yachtsman, Suunto X-Lander, Suunto S-Lander, Suunto Metron (the kit for T1, T3, T4 does not come with cover).
Take your music with you on the H2O. Aquapac's MP3 case will Safe guard your music player from H2O and sand without inhibiting its function. Guaranteed 100% submersible up to 15ft.
If you want to listen to your favorite tunes on the H2O then you've got to have H2Oproof head phones. Aquapac's H2Oproof Headphones give you quality sound and keep H2O out of your ears.
Now charging your NRG or NRG2 rechargable battery is as easy as charging your cell phone with the Black Diamond NRGNRG2 Car Charger. Simply plug the charger into your car's 12volt socket and wait until the LED status lights indicate a full charge.
The Brunton ADC Infrared Receiver allows you to download data from your ADC unit to your computer via USB connection. Plug-and-play, it's as Easy as that!
From the pioneers of portable solar power comes one of the most efficient and small integrated solar charger available, the new Explorer Solar Panel from Brunton. A whopping 90% power capture means charging portable devices like iPods, smartphones and more is fast and easy with this power-packed solar charger.
No matter what device you carry - cell phone, iPod, etc., the Inspire Portable Power from Brunton packs enough power to keep them running. From the airplane to the gondola, this little powerhouse is the Great companion. Charge it once and recharge your handheld devices multiple times before going back...
Representing the next generation of solar panel technology, the Brunton Solaris 26 Solar Array maximizes performance while taking up virtually no space at all. The unit's multi-section design folds up into a small footprint that's just a bit larger than a DVD case, while still delivering an impressive 26 watts...
All the convenience of a flexible Brunton Solaris USB Panel, but with charging (USB) capability for smaller electronics. Pack it away and don't worry about the elements. A great compliment to the Brunton Solo 3.4 personal power plant.
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