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Dry Bags and Boxes

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Seattle Sports - Dry Pocket Dry Bag
This little dry bag is perfect for any kayaking trip. It will keep small items dry while you are busy kayaking. 
Dry bags arent just for the river anymore. The Westwater Backpack protects your valuables from splash, spray, or the unexpected rain storm during a portage or overnight camp. The Westwater waterproof backpack is ideal for portaging or hauling gear from the boat to the campsite. Keep your gear dry even...
Snorkeling, swimming or just strolling down the beach the Aquapac Wallet Case - 824 keeps your keys, wallet, phone, passport, etc dry, safe and close at hand. Wear w/ belt or neck cord.
Say Greatbye to those feelings of dread and panic as you hear the splash of your phone hitting the H2O. Aquapac's Small Phone/GPS Case is H2Oproof, dust proof and it floats.
This is 100% H2Oproof bag up to 15 feet and fits small point and shoot mode cameras. The zoom feature on your camera can not be used. The new ultra-clear Lenzflex material makes for quality photos shot through the case. This Camera Dry bag also floats! Photo Taking Tips: Make...
Use your electronic equipment while Safe guarding it from the elements. This unique case features a H2Oproof "wire-thru" side clip, allowing wires up to 1/10" (2.5 mm) thick to run into the case.
Aquapac is making it safe to take your cell phone with you. Receive clear signal and sound right through the H2Oproof case. You can even take pictures without exposing your phone to the elements.
Remember the time on the river when Bob pulled that crazy stunt? Capture the moment, a picture is worth a thousand words. Keep your camera Safe guarded in Aquapac's Small Camera Case - 420. You can take great photographs right through the Hard Lens tube built onto the case. Even...
Just in case you packed the kitchen sink and necessity to keep it dry; the Jumbo Whanganui by Aquapac is a large dry bag Great for the deck of your kayak or anywhere else.
The Great size dry bag for a set of keys, a couple credit cards and your license; hang it around your neck or lanyard it to your gear and off you go.
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