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Ocean Tour Kayak Noyo

The Ocean Kayak Experience:

 This trip is two hours of adventure starting from the Noyo-Pacific dock in sit-on-top Ocean Kayaks. You'll enjoy a naturalist-guided tour while gaining ocean kayaking skills. After launching in Noyo Harbor, we'll paddle out through the breakwater into Noyo Bay and

 paddle close to shore where the experience is like being in a vast tide pool. If ocean conditions permit, we might paddle into a sea cave and in to the rock

gardens of Soldier Point, or out to the buoy and then back inside the protection of Noyo Bay. The itinerary is flexible in order to allow for a variety of ocean conditions. If the ocean becomes too rough for safety, the trip may be canceled and you may be given a refund or the option of an estuary trip. No previous experience is necessary and all equipment is provided. Please bring something to drink.

The cost of the tours is from: $50 to $130 per person.  Rates are based on the destination, length of the tour and the number of people in the group.

Noyo Kayak Tours

 Noyo River Estuary Tour:

This is a peaceful, self-guided trip on quiet water. The two to three hour trip begins at the Noyo-Pacific Dock in stable, dry sit-inside kayaks. These trips may be scheduled to take advantage of favorable tidal currents. Birds that are commonly seen include Herons, Osprey, Kingfisher, Cormorants, Mergansers, Grebes, Mallards and Woodpeckers. In addition to Seals and Sea Lions, we sometimes see river otters, turtles and deer. We can provide spray skirts to avoid the occasional drips or splashes. There is no need to put on a wetsuit and you can expect to remain  reasonablydry. No previous experience is required and all equipment is provided. This trip is very easy and we encourage people to do it without a guide.
Cost: Regular rental charges, 2 hours: $15 single kayaks, $20 tandem kayaks, $5 per boat, per hour after 2 hours.

River Kayak Tour Noyo River Kayak