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Guided Abalone Diving
Places to Kayak - Abalone Diving

The Mendocino coast is California's top producing abalone diving area. There are plenty of these delectable mollusks out there for anyone that knows where to look and is willing to get into the water. Have you wanted to try abalone diving but wanted to have an experienced diver show you how? Perhaps you have already done some abalone diving but were disappointed with the results.

Abalone Picture

Guided abalone diving trips with a CA-DF&G licensed fishing guide or with an experienced abalone diver who can show you some great abalone dive spots is recommened. After considering the ocean conditions, your guide will suggest one or more dive sites that will provide the best opportunity for success on the day of your trip. He will show you where to look and how to identify the abalone's hiding places. Then he will explain how to easily distinguish a well-camouflaged abalone from the surrounding rock. He'll show you how to persuade an abalone to release it's grip on the rock and help you learn how to avoid wasting your time on under-sized abs. We begin with a discussion of safety and regulations, finding a likely place to dive. You can choose to dive from a kayak or right from the beach. Tim will take you to places that are seldom mobbed with other ab divers. If ocean swells get to big to allow diving at most locations, he can often suggest a place that will have enough protection from the waves to still get into the water. If the sea conditions are too rough or visibility so limited that it threatens the likelihood of having a good trip, Tim will postpone or cancel the trip if necessary.