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Kayaking From Point Arena to Albion CA

Point Arena to Albion

Point Arena Cove* is located 45 miles south of Noyo Harbor off of Highway 1. This is a public facility with free parking and a short walk to the  beach. This site provides reasonably good protection for kayak launching over gravel and cobblestones. This area features some particularly interesting rock formations. There is a pier with vehicle access to launch from as well.

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Kayaking From Van Damme to Russian Gulch CA

Van Damme to Russian Gulch

Van Damme State Beach* is located 12 miles south of Noyo Harbor on Highway 1. Parking is free and it is less than 50 yards to the water. This launch site has excellent protection and seldom presents a surf launch. This site features extensive rock gardens, sea caves and kelp beds. Many small islets dampen the swells and provide some protection from the waves. There are very good reasons that this is one of the most favored kayak launching sites and paddling destinations on the Mendocino Coast. Guided tours are available by contacting: Lost Coast Kayaking, (707) 937-2434 .

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Paddling access sites along the Mendocino Coast

The following access sites and descriptions are for planning purposes only. Conditions may change so stay alert and check carefully before starting a trip. Be prepared to abort your trip if conditions suddenly deteriorate. Sets of significantly larger than average waves may develop at any time. Most of these sites are not suitable for inexperienced kayakers. It is mandatory that kayakers wear wetsuits whenever paddling in these ocean sites. Helmets are necessary when paddling in surf and in sea caves and encouraged elsewhere. Paddlers should carry a spare paddle in the event their primary paddle is broken or lost. A Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (life jacket) and efficient sound producing device (loud whistle) are required by law. Carry plenty of drinking water. This is only a partial list of safety equipment that you should carry.

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Guided Abalone Diving
Abalone Diving

The Mendocino coast is California's top producing abalone diving area. There are plenty of these delectable mollusks out there for anyone that knows where to look and is willing to get into the water. Have you wanted to try abalone diving but wanted to have an experienced diver show you how? Perhaps you have already done some abalone diving but were disappointed with the results.

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Rock Picking for Abalone
Abalone Diving

Early inhabitants living along the Mendocino coast searched for abalone among the rocks and tide pools. This simple method of hunting abalone is still a reasonable way to obtain this north coast delicacy. Those early hunter gatherers had to endure the chilly waters protected by nothing but a layer of body fat. However, today we can enjoy rock picking abalone in the comfort of a neoprene suit to insulate ourselves from the frigid waters of the pacific.

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