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Transporting Your Kayak
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Cars & Trucks:
A pickup truck is undoubtedly the easiest way to transport a kayak although a 14" long kayak will be too long to carry in the bed of any pickup. There are foam pads, padded straps (like surfboard carriers) and roof racks. Unless you can leave your boat near the water, you are going to need to decide which one you need. If you are driving more than a couple of miles, get a good sturdy (Thule, Yakima or Quick & Easy) roof rack.

I advise cam-lock-webbing straps for tying your kayak down. If you use rope, use nylon instead of poly rope because it has more elasticity and will hold the kayak (and knots) with less risk of slipping. Nylon bow and stern lines are advised. If you put kayak saddles on your rack, it will mount rapidly and securely

Shore Transport:
If it is a long trip from the parking lot to the car, you may want to get a cart. There are lots of choices; you can even make one yourself

kayak cart

I would look for one with wide inflatable tires so it rolls smoothly over rough surfaces and doesn't dig in like a plow on soft sand. One nice bonus to having a cart is that you cam then use your kayak as a wheelbarrow and carry the boat and all your gear in one trip.