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My wife Nancy and I had taken our 7 year old daughter, Haley for a few rides in a double kayak and decided that we preferred to have her in her own kayak, we tow her when she asks and release her to do her own paddling when she will.


Last winter on vacation near Guaymas, Mexico, my wife and I took Haley along on some short explorations, kayaking in protected bays. Our daughter is really more interested in beach combing and tide pools than paddling.

We have shown her that many of the best sites are only accessible by kayak.  She was using a "kids" paddle that was really just a toy and couldn't accomplish very much with it. She had apparently noticed that Nancy and I both coveted the same ultra-light graphite paddle and finally announced that she wanted to use it. It had not occurred to me to let her try a paddle that was 230 cm. long. The effect that this paddle had on her ability to propel the kayak however was amazing. I believe that its lightweight as well as the easy to use, asymmetric, dihedral shape more than offset the excessive length. When we got home, I ordered her a 220 cm, 1-piece feathered paddle her with a very narrow blade. This length may be longer than is ideal. Most paddle manufacturers provide paddles that are 210 cm. for kids but Haley paddles a wide, stable kayak. I believe that wide kayaks necessitate the use of long paddles to comfortably reach the water. Also, as she grows, this paddle should continue to suit Haley for a long time. The builder knew this paddle was for a child and so made it especially light (14 oz.) We made a big deal about the paddle to encourage her. We feel that this paddle has really made a difference for her.