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Farmer John Wetsuit
Kayaking Equipment

Great cold-water combination wetsuit. Use the farmer john for kayaking or put on the step-in Jacket for deep and/or cold-water diving. Any way that you decide to use the wetsuit it is guaranteed to keep you warm.

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Transporting Your Kayak
Kayaking Equipment

Cars & Trucks:
A pickup truck is undoubtedly the easiest way to transport a kayak although a 14" long kayak will be too long to carry in the bed of any pickup. There are foam pads, padded straps (like surfboard carriers) and roof racks. Unless you can leave your boat near the water, you are going to need to decide which one you need. If you are driving more than a couple of miles, get a good sturdy (Thule, Yakima or Quick & Easy) roof rack.

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Kayaking Equipment

Use whatever you like best. I've even used hand lines successfully. I like reels that are simple, rugged and work just as well after they have been dunked in the water.

Fishing Rods
Kayaking Equipment

A five to seven foot rod is fine for trolling, jigging and bait fishing. Some kayakers like using short rods and a few like using longer rods. Decide what works best for you and the intended catch. Select the action that suits the weight of line, tackle and fish you are going after. You will probably find you prefer using light gear for kayak fishing. I like to set the drag just enough to keep line from pulling out. This will give you some time to grab your rod after a strike and eliminates the risk of "Old Moe" from pulling the kayak over. I would choose rods with long butts so they will rest in the rod holder securely.

Depth Finder
Kayaking Equipment

Have two depth finders I could mount on my kayak but so far, I never have. One is a Hummingbird portable unit, the other is a (Bottom Line, Fishing Buddy) unit that has the transducer on an attached tube and runs on flashlight batteries. If I thought I needed it, I would hook it up but so far, have not. (Ok, it is on my list of things to do.)

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