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Kayak Fishing Rod Holder
Kayak Fishing

fishing rod holder

12" - 1-1/4"  x schedule 40 PVC pipe
1 ea.- 1-1/4" PVC threaded plug
1 ea - 1-1/4" PVC coupling (Threaded X glue fitting)
1 ea - 1/4" x 1" stainless bolt
1 ea - 1/4" Nylock nut
2 ea - Fender Washers
Optional: PVC cement

Rod holder may be positioned either behind or foreword of seat. In either case, it should be positioned so that during normal paddling, it is beyond of the swing of the paddle shaft. Drill 5/16 hole centered in the base of the threaded plug.
Drill 5/16 hole in kayak at mounting point. Insert bolt and washer inside plug and then through the hole in the kayak. Tighten nut snugly. Insert length of PVC pipe into coupling (gluing is optional.) If you glue the pipe, wait until after the glue is dry before threading pipe coupling onto plug (base.) Tether the fishing rod to your kayak to reduce the risk if loss.

Fishing from Your Kayak
Kayak Fishing

Although it sometimes seems like a new idea, many of the earliest kayaks were used primarily as hunting and fishing craft. Fishing is actually the reason I started kayaking in the first place. I liked to fish in places that were difficult to reach. Less pressure from other fishermen meant more catching. A kayak allows me to get beyond those areas that I could easily reach by walking and launch where there isn't a boat ramp. For ocean fishing, I could reach areas that were too far to comfortably run in a powerboat and even fish in protected coves when it was too rough to run to or enter from the outside.

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