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Paddle Leash
Kayaking Equipment

A leash keeps the paddle with you and allows you to drop it in the water when fighting a fish. You can simply use a piece of line or various specially made designs. I like paddle leashes that will attach to the bow toggle so I don't have to add an attachment point (an eye strap.) You want the length such that there isn't much slack in it but I don't want to be pulling against the elastic at any time while paddling.

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Kayak Paddles
Kayaking Equipment

Paddles are priced from around $40 to $400. Even the inexpensive ones are plenty strong. I like paddles with a dihedral (raised ridge) face. They are very smooth stroking and don't flutter when you dig in. Less expensive paddles are usually heavier, often made of aluminum (which is cold to the touch and corrodes particularly on 2-piece jointed paddles. If you have a 2-piece paddle, store it in two pieces.)

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Backrest and Seat
Kayaking Equipment

If you are paddling a Sit-On-Top, you need a backrest. If your back ever gets sore, get a tall backrest like the one made by Surf to Summit. If you have any back trouble, consider getting a tall backrest with an inflatable lumbar support. I like backrests that have a pouch so I can carry water bottles and maybe a snack. There is also a backrest specifically designed for fishing that has rod holders built-in. If you are considering a

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Kayaking Equipment

Even if you are going to fish calm water, you should seriously consider using some sort of tether to attach your rod (as well as your paddle, net, bait bucket, portable depth-finder, VHF, cell-phone, GPS, tackle box, and what ever else that might be dropped) to the

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Rod Holders
Kayaking Equipment

While paddling to the area you want to fish, you may need a place to park the rod where it will not get in the way. I don't like clips that hold the rod alongside the cockpit because they can be "knuckle busters" and get in the way while I'm paddling. You can use flush or bracket-mounted rod holders. They can be mounted in front of or behind the cockpit. I would start out with

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